Annual Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies Mini-Conference

Please join the members of APASA at one of our annual mini-conferences, held in conjunction with other professional meetings. APASA mini-conferences are low-key events that provide an opportunity to share your work and get feedback, meet colleagues who have similar focuses, and discover potential collaborators.

The 2018 Annual Mini-Conference

"Theory and Practice in Amish Research"

Holmes County, OH: August 1 & 2, 2019

Two Amish-themed conferences will be held back-to-back summer 2019:
(1) Thursday, Aug. 1: The bi-annual Amish Health Conference of the Center for Appalachia Research in Cancer Education (CARE) / Project Hoffnung 
(2) Friday, Aug. 2: The annual mini-conference of the Amish & Plain Anabaptist Studies Association


The ongoing growth of the plain people—the Amish, Mennonites, Hutterites, German Baptists, Apostolic Christians, and others—means that more and more people are encountering these subcultures in the public sphere. For this reason, those who specifically study or work with the plain people—including health practitioners, public servants, and social researchers—must continue advancing our bodies of knowledge and best practices through critical evaluation of old paradigms and introduction of new concepts. The goal of this two-day joint conference is to discuss advances in theory—the conceptual understanding of the plain people—and practice—the hands-on experiences of practitioners working with the plain people. We will also explore the connection between the two, how the lessons of one can be used by the other.


We invite proposals for paper presentations, panel discussions, and organized sessions that address the conference theme, from theoretical expositions to cases of best practices. We also welcome proposals addressing other topics about any plain Anabaptist group.  Community members, agencies, health care providers, faculty and researchers are all welcome.  


Submit proposals at the APASA website by Friday, March 1, 2019. Decisions will be made by Friday, March 29. Early bird registration will be available until Friday, June 21. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT.


Thought-provoking conversations, presentations, and panels, all within a collegial context, have characterized past meetings of CARE and APASA. We strive to make our meetings affordable and this year will be no different. As with prior CARE conferences, continuing education credit hours will be available. By offering our meetings side-by-side, we hope attendees will be able to attend both; however, attendees may opt to attend just one or the other.

For questions about the conference, contact:

Melissa Thomas, CARE Founding Director
Phone:  800-614-5857

Cory Anderson, Editor, Journal of Amish & Plain Anabaptist Studies

Future Mini-Conferences

2020: To be announced

Past Mini-Conferences

2018: Holmes County, OH

Friday, June 1, 2018, at the Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center.

2017: Columbus, OH

The Amish & Plain Anabaptist Studies mini-conference at the Rural Sociological Society annual meeting in Columbus, OH. Thursday and Friday, July 27-28. The poster and program is available at this link.

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