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The Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies Association and the University of Akron's IdeaExchange co-publish the Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies twice a year a year as an open-access journal. The Ohio State University's Knowledge Bank published JAPAS for Volumes 1-6.

JAPAS is available in two formats:

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For a searchable index of titles, authors, abstracts, and keywords, visit the open access online site and navigate to the search option.

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Receive new issue notifications by joining the APASA email list. APASA members receive notices automatically and need not join this list.

Download JAPAS Metadata for EndNote, Zotero, or other Reference Manangement Platforms

To help you easily access and search JAPAS content, we are making all metadata available. Metadata include all information needed to cite content, full abstracts and keywords to help search for content, and URLs for easy access contents' homepage and pdf file.

Individual article RIS files are available on each piece's page at the IdeaExchange JAPAS page.

Volume, Issue, Content survey EndNote Zip EndNote Library XML
All content (Vol. 1 Issue 1 to Vol. 8 Issue 1) ZIP ENL XML
1(1)-Who, what, where... ZIP ENL XML
1(2)-Novels, college courses... ZIP ENL XML
2(1)-Transportation, tech, econ... ZIP ENL XML
2(2)-Old Colony tech, Kentucky... ZIP ENL XML
3(1)-Education... ZIP ENL XML
3(2)-Safety, WWI... ZIP ENL XML
4(1)-Honduras, Hutterites... ZIP ENL XML
4(2)-Old Colony Mennonites... ZIP ENL XML
5(1)-Field Reflections I: Critical refl, method adv. ZIP ENL XML
5(2)- Field Reflections II: New perspectives ZIP ENL XML
6(1)-Apostolic Christians... ZIP ENL XML
6(2)-Health... ZIP ENL XML
7(1)-Beachy Amish-Mennonites ZIP ENL XML
7(2)-Ohio Amish Schisms ZIP ENL XML
8(1)-Kinship, Brethren, Plautdiesch... ZIP ENL XML
8(2)-Gender ZIP ENL XML
9(1)-Voices of Plain People ZIP ENL XML

EndNote Zip includes all citations in an issue-specific folder. If you are using EndNote, this is the preferred import option but the folder must be unzipped first.

EndNote Library includes just the citations. You may receive an import warning, but it applies only to data "lost" from the citations you are importing.

XML includes just the citations. It is the most versatile format for importing references into various platforms.

Use the "open" or "import" options in EndNote, Zotero, or other reference management platform to access the citations.


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