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Capturing key priority areas, the APASA scholarship committee awards an annual paper prize to a JAPAS article that exemplifies the following:

Innovation: The articles topic/content is original and/or addresses a gap in literature.

Background: The article is properly contextualized (either theoretically or practically).

Methodology: The article contains substantive methodology that clearly articulates how the study progressed from the research questions to findings and/or results.

Data Sources: The article is empirical/data-driven and/or reliant on primary sources.

Interdisciplinary: The article is interdisciplinary and is able to reach an audience outside its primary discipline.

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All published submissions for a given year will be automatically considered for the prize.

Awardees receive the following:

  • Public acknowledgement through APASA announcements

  • Award certificate

  • One year of free APASA membership

  • Conference registration fee waiver

  • Invitation to present at annual APASA Café JAPAS Article Award Lecture

  • Letter of assessment from committee

Annual awardees:

Article award: Trudy Metzger. "Sexual Abuse among Conservative Anabaptists: Culture-Specific Dynamics that Increase Risk of Victimization and Silencing of Victims." (Vol. 10 Issue 1, pp. 41-56)

Honorable mention: Krista Evans. "Common Ground: An Examination of Rural Planning and the Growing Amish Presence in Missouri." (Vol. 10 Issue 1, pp. 23-40)


Article award: Steven Thalheimer. “A Little More in the World: Why Amish Parents Choose to Send Their Children to Public Schools.” (Vol. 9 Issue 1, pp. 27-54)


Honorable mention: Rebecca Shenton. "Caring for the Land and the Livestock: Anabaptist Agricultural Practices in Europe and Colonial Pennsylvania." (Vol. 9 Issue 2, pp. 111-24)

Article award: Vlatka Škender. “Flesh, Freundschaft, and Fellowship: Towards a Holistic Model of the Amish Kinship System” (Vol. 8 Issue 1, pp. 1-22)

Honorable mention: Amy Harris-Aber. "Claiming a Piece of Tradition: Community Discourse in Russian Mennonite Community Cookbooks." (Vol. 8 Issue 2, pp. 139-158)

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