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JAPAS is co-published twice a year by the Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies Association and the University of Akron’s IdeaExchange.

JAPAS is available in two formats:



Use the JAPAS Advanced Search feature to find the content you need.

Reference Meta-Data

Download this zip file to access JAPAS citation information for your reference management software, such as EndNote, Zotero, or others. Reference data include all key information, plus abstracts, keywords, URLs to articles, and folders that arrange references by issue and topic.


Data for JAPAS 1(1) through 9(2)


To Import:
Use the "open" or "import" options in EndNote, Zotero, or other reference management platform.

  1. EndNote zip files include all citations and issue-specific folders.

  2. EndNote Library files include just citations, no organizational folders.

  3. XML files are the most versatile format for importing references to different reference management platforms but do not include issue-specific folders.

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