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APASA Cafe: "Logic and Tradition: Amish Theology in Recent Literature"


Topic: "Logic and Tradition: Amish Theology in Recent Literature"

Speaker: Christopher G. Petrovich

When: Friday, March 31, 2023, 12 to 1 PM Eastern Time

Where: Via Zoom or teleconference

Description: In the past year, I have written four peer-reviewed articles on Amish theology and adjacent subjects. The essays address (a) the doctrine of the church with special attention to the construction of ‘lines of fellowship’; (b) their pre-modern reading of scripture; (c) the mid-twentieth-century context of the momentous 1955 ministerial decision that split the mostly unitary Amish world into two non-communing groups; and (d) the question of whether an Amish theology (if it exists!) can be inscribed on paper. The first three essays illustrate the viability of my argument that the Amish, like all other Christian traditions, are inescapably theological. I draw these articles together by addressing how logic and tradition are operative in Old Order Amish churches and note the ways that ‘modernist’ and Protestant Evangelical assumptions tend to skew outsider understandings of Amish beliefs and practices.

Register: Registration is required to attend; click here to register. You will receive an email with options to call in via telephone or use the web. If you do not have web access to register, contact Andrea Waksmunski ( for a call-in number.


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