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JAPAS Volume 10, Issue 1 Released


Cover,title page, and table of contents

Ten Years of the Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies: An Editor’s Memoir about a Social Movement in Academia Cory Anderson | pp. vi-xxii

Research Articles

Social-Religious Change in the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite: An Analysis of Shifting Emphases in the 'Holdeman Church' Based on the Periodical Messenger of Truth Ronald Jantz | pp. 1-22 Common Ground: An Examination of Rural Planning and the Growing Amish Presence in Missouri Krista Evans | pp. 23-40

Sexual Abuse among Conservative Anabaptists: Culture-Specific Dynamics that Increase Risk of Victimization and Silencing of Victims

Trudy Metzger, with short essay replies by Janelle Glick and Mark & Cindy Hochstetler | pp. 41-56

Attitudes toward Transgenic Corn Usage among Amish & Conservative Mennonite Farmers in Ohio

Scot Long | pp. 61-76 Ethnography and Plain Anabaptist Women: Some Considerations on Positionality, Power, and Pandemic Beth Graybill | pp. 77-89

Symposium Review: A Collection of Essays and Book Reviews Marking the 50th Anniversary of the Wisconsin v. Yoder Decision, 1972-2022

Essay: The Gravamen of Wisconsin v. Yoder at Fifty, 1972-2022 Benjamin King | pp. 90-96 Essay: The Ramifications of Wisconsin v. Yoder: Six Foundational Problems with a 50-Year Old Landmark Case Torah Bontrager | pp. 97-105

Review: Amish and Old Order Mennonite Schools: A Concise History—Joseph Stoll; and The School by the Cornfield—Samuel Coon

Jewel Yoder Kuhns and Daniel L. Miller | pp. 106-109 Review: The Teacher's Manual—Jennifer Anderson Keri Yoder, Caleb Yoder, and Jonathan Erb | pp. 110-114

Review: The Amish Incident: Rural Conflict and Compromise and The Amish Incident: Wisconsin v. Yoder—Kelly Rundle and Tammy Rundle Jewel Yoder Kuhns | pp. 115-116

Symposium Reviews

The Right Church: From a Seeker to a Finder—Peter Hoover Sheila Petre and Osiah Horst | pp. 117-120

Awake, O Church!: A Serious Look at Christian Outreach—Barry Grant Christopher Petrovich and Jennifer Anderson | pp. 121-124

Book Reviews

Vignettes 2020: Anabaptist Women Writers—Sheila Petre and Gabriella Showalter Reviewed by J.P. Miller | pp. 125-126

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Small Histories during World War II, Letter Writing, and Family History Methodology—Suzanne Kesler Rumsey Reviewed by G.C. Waldrep | pp. 127-128

Hoofbeats in the Bluegrass: Thirty Years of Mennonite History in Western Kentucky, 1987-2017—Elvin S. Eberly Reviewed by Donald Martin | pp. 129-130

A Geography of the Hutterites of North America—Simon M. Evans Reviewed by Royden Loewen | pp. 131-132

Heaven Will Heal: Eternal Perspectives in the Life and Times of Oregon Bishop, John P. Yoder. Iowa to the West Coast, 1885-1975—Mary (Gingerich) Kropf Reviewed by Paul Smucker | pp. 133-134

Grounded Upon God’s Word: The Life and Labours of Jakob Amman—Andrew V St. Marie and Mike Atnip Reviewed by Osiah Horst | pp. 135-136

Our Amish Heritage—Publishing Committee of the Geauga Amish Historical Library Reviewed by Dan Raber | pp. 137-138


Announcements JAPAS special issue-2023 APASA Conference; Health (Spring 2023); JAPAS article of the year award; APASA Café series | pp. 139-140


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