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APASA Cafe: Panel Discussion on Wisconsin v. Yoder's 50th

Updated: Sep 30, 2022


Topic: Panel: “On the 50th Anniversary of Wisconsin v. Yoder: Assessing the Complexities of this Milestone Amish Schooling Decision”

Speakers: Panelists David Cheng (Cheng Law, Inc.), William Fischel (Dartmouth Univ.), Emma Rosenberg (New York Univ.), and Mark Strasser (Capital Univ.).

When: Friday, September 30, 2022, 12pm to 1:15pm Eastern Time

Where: Via Zoom or teleconference

Description: In 1972, the Supreme Court’s decision in Wisconsin v. Yoder ushered in a new era of legal freedoms for the Amish and other plain people, namely, the ability to operate their own schools and the ability to cap educational attainment at eighth grade. Yet, across the past half-century, the Yoder decision’s complexities, even contradictions, have routinely triggered academic and legal debates. To acknowledge 50 years of the Yoder decision, this APASA Café features four law and society scholars who will discuss some of the legal and cultural intricacies of Yoder today.

Register: Registration is required to attend; click here to register. You will receive an email with options to call in via telephone or use the web. If you do not have web access to register, contact Andrea Waksmunksi ( for a call-in number.

Suggested Reading:

Fischel, William. 2012. "Do Amish One-Room Schools Make the Grade? The Dubious Data of Wisconsin v. Yoder." University of Chicago Law Review 79(1):107-29.

Rosenberg, Emma. 2020. "Amish and Hasidic Litigation: A Survival Strategy." Journal of Church and State 63(3):485-505.

Strasser, Mark P. 2019. "Yoder's Legacy." Hofstra Law Review 47(4):1335-57.


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